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walking together, toward sustainable fashion

Walk Sew Good

Two women walking 3500km through Southeast Asia in search of positive fashion stories.

A 3500km Journey in Search of Positive Fashion Stories

In November 2016, two dorks began an incredible 3500km walking journey in search of positive fashion stories. Be curious and look for the stories behind your clothes. Seek out the connection. 👀

Valuing the Human

We visited one of the Kayan villages in Northern Thailand on the Thai-Burma border to meet the people behind the beautiful products they co-create with Ways of Change. Cara speaks about working with refugee communities in a new way that disrupts the current ideas around humanitarian aid and refugee settlements. ❤️️

Women of Fashion Inspiring Change

Wise women talk about what you can do to create a better fashion industry for the people behind the clothes. Every day should be a fashion revolution. 🙌🏽

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