Looking to source ethical production for your brand? These guys are a good place to start.


  • Fashion4Freedom – Ethical and culturally responsible supply chains made by designers for designers.

Check out Walk Sew Good’s Fashion4Freedom video.

  • Hemp and Embroidery – A family business run by the Lor family from the Black Hmong tribe in Sapa, Vietnam. All handicrafts are handmade with home-grown hemp.

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Video coming soon!

  • Unique Crafts – A family run business creating jewellery from buffalo and bull horn.

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  • A.N.D. – A Cambodian fair trade brand, working with local artisans to blend design development with traditional skills.

Check out Walk Sew Good’s A.N.D. video.

  • Dorsu – Cotton jersey clothing for work, travel and home. Ethically made in Kampot, Cambodia.

Check out Walk Sew Good’s interview with Co-Founder Hanna Guy and follow up interview with Co-Founders Hanna Guy and Kunthear Mov. We also asked Kunthear how it feels when you see someone wearing something you have made, take a look at that video.

  • Fairsew – A garment manufacturer that is transparent, that gives good service and that looks after its people.

Check out Walk Sew Good’s Fairsew video.

  • Homemade Manufacture – A garment and accessories manufacturer that takes care of its staff and aims to create change.

Check out Walk Sew Good’s Homemade video.

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  • Recreate – Clothing created under fair trade working conditions using certified organic fabric, sustainably produced from crop to customer.

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  • HOLI – A premium fashion brand, offering beautifully crafted, contemporary women’s outerwear.

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  • Raytecs – Out to prove you can make beautiful apparel in Cambodia, and look after people and environment at the same time.

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  • Weavers Project – Empowering women through the ethical and transparent trade of handmade products.

Check out Walk Sew Good’s Weavers Project video.


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  • Laos Textiles – Specializing in 100 percent hand-woven silk, Carol and the 40 Lao artisans she employs produce wall hangings, scarves, shawls and custom furnishing fabrics.

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