Coming Home.

We’ve been back from our walk for over two months now, and I (Gab) thought I would have settled back in by now. Australia is my home, I’ve lived here most of my life, it should be easy for me to slot myself back into daily life here. Everything is great…..NOT.   Walking across South … More Coming Home.

Gift Giving

It’s soon that time of the year again. Christmas. A day that generally involves being surrounded by loved ones and sharing great food (woe betide the person who brings ANOTHER green salad – all hail the dessert makers, oh and cousin Viv, I’m putting in an order for 38 dumplings just for me). It’s a … More Gift Giving

Behind the Scenes

We’re currently drowning in the hours and hours of footage we took over the last 12 months of the Walk Sew Good journey, trying to create videos that honour the stories of those people and businesses we’ve met along the way. It’s a spectacular problem to have. We conducted over 50 glorious interviews across Vietnam, … More Behind the Scenes

How to be a fashion detective – Part 2: How do I contact the brand?

If you’ve read Part 1 of this epic life changing 2 part series (too much of a hard sell?) you’re now equipped with an arsenal of fun probing questions that will help you investigate your favourite brands. In Part 2 I’m going to address how you go about asking brands these fun probing questions. You … More How to be a fashion detective – Part 2: How do I contact the brand?