3 Reasons to Join the Fashion Revolution

Fashion Revolution Week is fast approaching and we think you should really be a part of it. Really. This year FRW is happening from April 24-30 and commemorates the fourth anniversary of the collapse of the Rana Plaza garment factory in Bangladesh, where 1138 people needlessly lost their lives and countless more were injured. During the week … More 3 Reasons to Join the Fashion Revolution

A Day in the Life

The following is an excerpt from Gab’s journal. March 9, 2017. Day 115. THAILAND En Route; Ang Thong to Chai Yo. “Megan! There’s a toilet!” I point excitedly. We take off our heavy packs for a quick break. Almost immediately we are called over by a cafe proprietor to sit down and rest. It’s early … More A Day in the Life

Crap Hotels in Asia.

We’ve stayed at some beautiful hidden gems across South East Asia, we’re going to help you by sharing our super top secret insider travel tips. Check out these amazing off-the-beaten-track wonders, you’ll be so inspired! Nah Nigh – Vietnam (AKA Love Motel – you can rent rooms by the hour) Ben Luc Price: $200,000 Dong … More Crap Hotels in Asia.

Dear Emma Watson

Dear Emma Watson, We really love your work, particularly with UN Women and sustainable fashion but also The Bling Ring. Our names are Gabrielle Murphy and Megan O’Malley and no we’re not an Irish folk duo. We are two friends walking across Southeast Asia for a year in search of the good fashion stories. We call … More Dear Emma Watson

Lessons and Legends

Originally, when we were dreaming of how this project would play out, I had thought we would meet people along the way doing incredible ethical fashiony work and that they would introduce us to more people and we’d just end up with a whole lot of wonderful stories. And we’d all hold hands and skip merrily through the rice fields.

Reality is a little different and we’ve come up against a few roadblocks. … More Lessons and Legends