Fabulously Fair Fashion with Fairsew

Where were your clothes made? If they were made at ethical manufacturer, Fairsew, you know they were made by Cambodian people that have been treated fairly.

Sew Inspiring | Vannary San, Lotus Silk

Vannary San is a Cambodian businesswoman on a mission to revive silk production in Cambodia. This woman has heart.

The Story Behind Your Scarf

The Weavers Project trains and employs women to create beautiful scarves and textiles using traditional Cambodian weaving techniques.

Sew Inspiring | Tavie Meier, Founder of MadeFAIR

We speak with Tavie, Founder of MadeFAIR, an online ethical clothing store, about the difficulty of reaching consumers through empathy.

Behind the Clothes – A Story of Friendship

We visited Dorsu in Kampot, Cambodia. This is the beautiful story of friendship between Kunthear and Hanna, the founders of the brand.

Sew Inspiring | Ophélie Snoy, Founder of Leizuu

We speak with Ophélie Snoy the founder of Leizuu, a brand supporting workers rights, and making use of natural textiles, made by ethnic minorities in Vietnam.

The Walk | Cambodia

Part 2 of the walk. See what we saw from the Vietnam border to Kampong Thom, Cambodia.

Sew Inspiring | Benjamin, Founder of Gingko

We were able to visit the Gingko team at their concept shop in Ho Chi Minh City. Benjamin told us all about why he started the business and what Vietnam has taught him.

Sew Inspiring | Hanh Phan, Junior Designer at Fashion 4 Freedom

Hanh Phan is an incredible talent working for the wonderful Fashion 4 Freedom. She has lots of great things to say.

Mum, I love you

Meet Gab’s mum. We talk to Gab’s mum about sewing and clothes.

The Walk | Southern Vietnam

We’ve officially walked through Southern Vietnam. Done and dusted. See what we saw.

An Efaisto Adventure

Efaisto took us on an adventure to speak to some of their makers. There were motorbikes involved. Sorry Mum and Dad.

Sew Inspiring | Bernard and Lou, Co-Founders of Efaisto

Efaisto have a really cool thing going on. They’re connecting people with amazing Vietnamese artisans to create custom made fair fashion.

Sew Inspiring | Van, Sales Assistant at Efaisto

Part 2 of our Efaisto videos. We spoke to Van who is both delightful and in charge of managing Efaisto’s artisan network.

Sew Inspiring | Linda Mai Phung

Our first story of the trip! We spoke to the divine Linda Mai Phung in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. She had some terrific insight that we were excited to share with you all.

Sew Inspiring | Koky Saly, Founder of Beekeeper Parade

We interviewed this exceptionally inspiring gentleman about his life, the brand he has founded and the great work he has done supporting schools in Cambodia.

Sew Inspiring | Hanna Guy, Co-Founder of Dorsu

Hanna Guy spoke to us about the incredible work Dorsu does and how they make clothing in wonderful ways in Cambodia. We can’t wait to visit Dorsu on our walk!

Patagonia loves us back!

Patagonia sent us some fantastic gear for our trip. Check out our modelling skillz.

Some Straight Talking with Megan’s Granny

Megan got the chance to interview her Granny about how fashion has changed over the last 70+ years. Granny interviewed like a dream!

Sew Inspiring | Danica Ratte, Founder of Wild Tussah

Danica Ratte, Founder of Wild Tussah, spoke to us about what inspired her to work with traditional weave artisans in Vietnam to create beautiful handbags.

A Love Letter to Patagonia

We really really love Patagonia. Not in a creepy way. But we really love them. So we made this video to get their attention.

5 Things About Gab

Gab had a close encounter with a hippopotamus and lived to tell the tale. True story.

5 Things About Megan

Megan shares 5 facts about herself that you probably never really needed to know in the first place.

Crowdfunding Video

Earlier in 2016 we successfully raised over $10,000 to make this project a reality. We couldn’t quite believe it! A huge thank you to everyone who supported us to make Walk Sew Good happen.

An Introduction to Walk Sew Good

Walk Sew Good say hello. Then we say our names. We also ask you to support our sustainable fashion journey.