Humans are Great – Sarah

Not only has this project given us the opportunity to meet some incredible humans in real life, it has also allowed us to connect with a whole bunch of people through social media.

Sarah, based all the way in the UK, reached out to us through Facebook in July with some very lovely words and an offer to buy each of us a e-copy of The Coroner’s Lunch, the first book in a series about a coroner in Laos in the 1970s. She said that the series gives insight into the way things used to be in Laos and signed her message off with a “virtual non-inappropriate hug”. You don’t get emails like that every day. This was the first in a long thread of fun correspondence over the next few weeks as I got to know her.


Sarah related to our experiences with communal showering when she was in Laos in 2012, however she shared that due to some misplaced algae she had ended up barrelling towards the water pump on her knees, much to the amusement of onlookers. We geeked out on our love of textiles and awe at the process of weaving.

Unfortunately, though not through lack of trying, we were unable to get the Kindle book idea to work. It was quite a palava that ended in Sarah having a chat with the good customer service folks over at Amazon. However, I did purchase the book anyway, after all that how could I not? I’m very happy to share that it is brilliant and witty and funny and everything I like in a book. I’m grateful to have been introduced to such a fantastic group of characters and I want to be Dr Siri when I grow up. And I’m grateful to have a brand new friend.

Humans are great.



3 thoughts on “Humans are Great – Sarah

  1. Ahhh shucks….just wish I had found you sooner as would have definitely been out to walk with you. Keep being amazing and showcasing fabulous textiles…yum!


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