Humans are Great – Strangers Part 3

On one of our last days in Thailand, before we crossed the border into Laos, we had planned to stay at a temple that Google Maps told us was in one of the villages. As per some of our other experiences in Northern Thailand, this was not really a thing we could do. However, the local police stepped in and allowed us to camp beside the police station. Pretty sure they wouldn’t let you do that in Melbourne. They were the consummate hosts, sweeping the site, bringing us water and bananas and offering us a bit of homemade whisky (we declined the whisky). They kept repeating that we were very safe and pointing to the security cameras pointed in all directions.




We were hungry when we arrived so we undertook the arduous 20m trek to the food stall next door. I told them I was a vegetarian and the lady shook her head as if to say they didn’t have anything. This is the normal response  and so began the process of pointing and negotiating. We got there in the end and I had my standard rice and greens meal. Gab and I have developed a very unhealthy soft drink addiction (we will work on this when we get home, don’t drink soft drink kids) and asked for a Pepsi each. They didn’t have any on hand so we weren’t worried but about 5 minutes later a man appeared with two Pepsis! He opened them and poured them for us and continued to top us up with Pepsi and ice as we ate our meal. When we went to pay the lady she shook her head and wouldn’t take our money. We were flawed and eventually convinced her to take it.


Humans are great. 😊 Do you have a wonderful story of human kindness? Please share, we’d love to hear it. Tag us on any of the social medias @walksewgood and use the hashtag #humansaregreat.

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