Humans are Great – Strangers

Sometimes we have short unexpected interactions with people that lift our spirits and keep us going. Here are a few examples from our walk through Thailand.

On one of our first days walking through Thailand we were looking for accomodation. Google Maps, as usual, was playing tricks on us and telling us there were places to stay when there was not. We’ve discovered this is more common than you would imagine. We stopped and asked a lady for directions and another lady drove up with a big esky attached to the sidecar of her motorbike. Through some expert miming we discerned that there was in fact accomodation not too far down the road. We got going again and about 5 minutes later the lady with the esky pulled up, handed us two Yakults each and drove on.


We’ve had to negotiate a lot of highways during our walk. It’s not always been the most pleasant way to travel. On one of these highway days, four guys on two motorbikes pulled up beside me, driving the wrong way up the highway. I think the appropriate reaction should have been fear but I was just curious to see what they wanted. Grinning, they asked me where we were going, handed me two bottles of ice cold water and drove off.

We were having a day without packs, walking through the Thai countryside. Many people had stopped to ask us if we needed a lift. This is a pretty regular occurrence. It usually happens multiple times in a day. What was unusual about this day was that a man and a woman on a motorbike stopped to give me 300 baht! That’s about AUS$12. I didn’t speak enough Thai to understand why they wanted to give me the money. I suspect they thought I didn’t have enough for the bus. Why else would anyone walk? Of course I refused to take it, we took a selfie and I continued on my way.

Humans are great. We like humans. 🤗


2 thoughts on “Humans are Great – Strangers

  1. Correct. There are soooo many truly good people in our world who just want the best for everyone and work to achieve same. Simple philosophy, but not followed by all. I am very humbled by your reports. I am one of the very privileged residents of this world. Be grateful for every day.


  2. These ‘shirt off their back’ stories are so heartening and just so sweet! Thanks for introducing me to your website and allowing me to visit you (digitally anyway) on your journey Megan 🙂


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