Humans are Great – Subin

I was lucky enough to have a couple of my friends join us on the road. We showed how grateful we were to have them there by making them walk 29km (without packs) through the countryside in 36 degree heat. So nice of us. Luckily they were troopers and powered through, fancy hats and all.

At the point where the temperature had reached stupid degrees celsius and we were all wishing for a nice iced cold drink, Subin came to our rescue. He invited us in to his very lovely home, that he told us later he had built himself, and brought out pineapple, melon and water to share.

While we were sitting around the table gorging on the delicious fruits, our friend Hayley noticed that a frog had attached itself to Subin’s chest. It was the same colour as his uniform. The perfect camouflage. When Hayley pointed it out, Subin peeled the frog off and it hopped out of his hand and across the table.

Subin kept trying to call his wife to bring lunch for us. He was very concerned about us walking in the heat and we had to reassure him a number of times that we were OK and didn’t need lunch before he stopped trying to reach her. Before we left he gave us his phone number just incase we needed help.

Humans are great. We like humans. 🤗


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