The World Ain’t All That Bad

Before we left everybody told us to be careful. They questioned whether or not the walk was safe. People asked us if we were going to travel with guns. People, as in more than one person.

Friends and family were quite concerned that we wouldn’t come back in one piece. My dad wouldn’t talk to me about anything related to Walk Sew Good for the first 6 months we were planning it because he said he would not be a part of anything that was going to get me killed. He wanted us to take armed guards. I’m pretty sure he was 99% not kidding about it.

But it’s not only people back home that are scared for us. People we meet along the way warn us of the “bad men” nearly daily. In one day we had two different men tell us to be careful as one mimed getting robbed at gunpoint and the other mimed stabbing.

Everyone is so scared of each other. And who can blame them? If you watch or read the news, or even just glance at the headlines, you’d be safe in assuming that the world is a terrible place full of constant murder, rape and pillaging.

But we’ve seen and experienced otherwise.

The kindness we have been shown along our walk by complete strangers has been incredible. To combat the fear everyone seems to have of each other and to show you all how bloody brilliant humanity can be, we are going to share one short story weekly about people we have met along the way who have made our trip that little bit sweeter.

Watch this space.



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