Megan’s Top 5 Listening Recommendations

In the beginning I felt guilty for putting my headphones in and tuning into something wonderful while I walked. It felt like cheating. I’m sure Sarah Marquis, fearless solo walker and National Geographic explorer lady, never listened to anything but the sounds of her own magnificent thoughts and the world going by.

But then I realised I’m not a National Geographic explorer. I’m just a regular gal who decided to walk across a continent with very (very) limited training or experience. So I can make my own rules.

I only plug in when we’re doing slightly dangerous things on highways or when I’m really struggling to get through the day. Fair enough, right? I’m glad we’re on the same page. Thanks for your support.

So here are my picks for truly great listening:

The Mystery Show

This podcast is pure joy. It follows Starlee Kine as she attempts to unravel seemingly meaningless mysteries. Our host and chief mystery solver leads us on a beautiful and sometimes poignant adventure to get to the bottom of things. Just don’t get too attached. There are only 6 episodes as it was axed after the first season. The Mystery Show was too good for this world.

Sounds of the Trail

When I was preparing for this trip I listened to Sounds of the Trail whilst walking my dog around the block in the hopes of learning some hiking type wisdom. The podcast follows different hikers as they attempt the Appalachian Trail or the Pacific Crest Trail. You can’t help but be infected by everyone’s enthusiasm for hiking. These people are high on life. It’s kinda beautiful. Be warned that a sudden desire to take up long distance hiking may present itself.

Fighting For Fair

Fighting for Far is hosted by Corinne Grant, who I didn’t realise I missed seeing and hearing from until I heard her introduce this podcast. Smart lady. Each 15 minute episode tells the story of someone who has fought hard for change. There’s Krystal Barter who found out she had a gene that almost guaranteed she’d get breast cancer and made a radical decision to make sure she was there for her family. You hear from Shonica Guy, a former Pokies addict talk about how she is now using her experience to fight for new gambling laws. And there’s Mohamed, an Indian student who took on 7/11 to fight for the wages he was entitled to. Brave peeps.


Invisibilia is introduced as a podcast about the invisible forces that control human behaviour. Sounds a bit like something the kids from Buffy should get onto but it is amazing. The hosts focus on a different topic each week and delve into interesting case studies. They talk to a blind man who can see, a man who can’t live his life without wearing his sunglasses, a woman who doesn’t feel fear and so many more people that make you question your own reality. Get onto it.

Hamilton the Musical Soundtrack


I. Love. Hamilton. The. Musical. When I’m struggling to get through the kilometres, I blast this soundtrack and feel all inspired. If a very poor orphan immigrant can become one of the Founding Fathers of the USA, then I can do a bit of walking. If you choose to sing-a-long be prepared for strange looks from passersby. I mean, I assume they’d give you strange looks, I’m not speaking from experience. Except I am. 

Anything you think we should be listening to? We’d love your recommendations! We still have a long way to walk.

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