My Body is a Wonderland.

We’ve been pushing our bodies and our minds to the limit on our walk for ethical fashion. It never ceases to amaze me what the human body is capable of. We have been watching our bodies become lean, get sick, get crusty, get sweaty and sore and tired. It has been painful and powerful and altogether perplexing.


A lot of people told me before the trip “You’re going to lose so much weight”, “Oh my god, you’re going to be so fit.” “You’re going to have a full on six pack”. And whilst yes, we have definitely lost weight, that hasn’t been the goal for our journey. Our goal is to promote the people working hard to make clothing ethically. Losing weight whilst undertaking a gruelling year long trek is inevitable, but not something to be “proud” of.

I am however, proud of what my body is capable of, of how it adapts to different conditions. How my skin changes when I get burnt, how my feet heal themselves after painful blisters, how my heart races and my body uptakes water from my bladder when I’m too dehydrated. It makes me feel like a magic wizard.

Recently I’ve worried about Megan losing too much weight and then I realised, every body is different. Whilst I’m nowhere near gaining a sick six pack, Megan has slimmed down to model proportions and rather than berating her to “eat more” I realise that I need to accept that everyone has different metabolisms, everyone has different lumps and bumps or lack thereof. I realised that I was just another person being critical of the female body, and it seriously has to stop. I have to accept my friends beautiful bod for what it is; healthy and capable and different to mine. Too much pressure is placed on us to be thin or overly fit to the point of obsession (#fitspo #cleaneating blah blah) and I don’t think that is healthy at all.

Our bodies are under extreme pressure at the moment and we are looking after them as best we can. I definitely wouldn’t recommend carrying heavy items for long distances every day, but I would recommend walking for enjoyment. Not many people walk any more and it becomes so apparent when you are walking from place to place. We’ve noticed that very few people walk anywhere and often people offer us a motorbike ride to the restaurant 400m away. Everyone is in such a hurry to get from A to B, without taking anything in. People don’t exercise for enjoyment, they exercise for health as if it were a chore.

Whilst I definitely don’t sustain myself on #greenjuices, (honestly we just take in as much calories as we can, it’s bloody awesome – although there is a huge problem in Thailand with childhood obesity, diabetes and rotting teeth due to the high sugar content in everything) there is something really refreshing about getting our bodies moving. Particularly moving at a pace that enables us to take in the world around us. But I don’t exercise with the aim of looking better for society, the only person who needs to love your body is you. Love your bumps, love your cellulite, love your fast metabolism or lack thereof, love your weird imperfections.

Love your body regardless of size, it’s a pretty amazing machine. Use it. I’m annoyed that I’ve taken mine for granted for so long.

re: video. I can’t do yoga because I’m as flexible as a plank of wood and I was actually watching the sunset. Megan on the other hand is a human pretzel, another example of how different our bodies are.

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