Yes, I’m Scared

When I first tell people about Walk Sew Good one of the first questions I’m always asked is, “But aren’t you scared?” I’m not too proud to admit that I am terrified. Quite honestly I think there’d be something wrong with me if I wasn’t. After I tell people that I’ve never been so scared about anything in my life, they more often than not screw up their faces and say, “I could never do something like that.”

I’m always left wondering, why the hell not?

In an effort to encourage more people to do the things that they’re afraid of, I want to share with you some of the things about our project that scare me the most.

I won’t be able to do it

This is a big one. What if I get injured? What if I’m not mentally strong enough? What if we get deported? What if Gab gets sick of me and wants to call it a day? What if we find nobody to interview? What if we offend someone? What if my backpack is too heavy? And the what ifs just keep coming. It’s exhausting and exceptionally pointless.

Large mammals 

Seriously. Being eaten alive by a large mammal is my second biggest fear in life. I love animals but I love them from a very safe distance. Respect. Southeast Asia has monkeys, tigers, elephants and no doubt loads more. Ugh. So scared.


(I really like Callipos. But if I meet a monkey that wants it more, the monkey can have it.)


I really like being hydrated. I hear it is the key to living. I also really like living. What if we are in the middle of nowhere and can’t find the water that I like so much to do the living that I also like? Recently I’ve been drinking lots more water in the hopes that I will develop a hump, much like a camel, and store it for later. 

Being a burden to Gab

I’m 90% sure Gab was born with a backpack on her back. I should confirm with her mum. When we went hiking together one weekend I was astounded by how good she was at it. She’s a powerhouse. I really struggled. While I’ve been training lots, I’m worried that my inexperience will impact the trip in ways that will cause Gab to want to throw me down a well and continue on without me.

We’d love to hear from you guys. What have you been scared of that you’ve gone ahead and done anyway? Share your stories!

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