Our top 5 Hikes

Well what do you know? Walk Sew Good actually like walking. Sometimes. When the pain is over. Here are some of our favourites.

Honorable Mentions:
Kakadu – Australia
South Eastern Tasmania – Australia
Deadvlei/Namib Desert – Namibia
Red Centre – Australia

IMG_45105. Great Wall of China – 3 Days – Jiankou, CHINA (Gab)

This was my great walk of China. It was quite spectacular and dangerous. Whilst technically you aren’t supposed to climb the wall here as it is super perilous and quite remote, the risk is well worth it. We had to be careful not to damage the already crumbling wall and we did run out of water a few times, so there were a few treks back and forward between the nearest village. Also we got stuck in an electrical storm whilst camping on top of the wall, not ideal. Still, pretty ahhhh-mazing!

4. Boiling Lake – Full Day – Roseau Valley, Dominica (Megan)

This was a tough and dirty hike. But it was also pretty wonderful. I cleverly decided that hiking in my Tiger high tops was a good idea. It wasn’t FYI. I recommend you wear hiking attire. When we got to the boiling lake it was kind of eerie. We also decided to cover ourselves in mud. That was fun.


DSC097883. El Ciudad Perdida – 5 Days – Sierra Nevada, Colombia (Gab)

There were lots of fresh streams to bathe in, lots of hills to climb up and down and the ancient indigenous tribe the Kogi (decedents from the Tairona people) still reside in the jungle. Also the ancient city we trekked to (literally translated as “The Lost City”) used to be full of gold artefacts, many of the goldsmith methods used are now lost. There used to be drug cartels set up in sections of the trail, but now they’ve moved deeper into the forest, so that’s…a bit in tents (haha get it – because they’re in tents/intense).

DSCN43622. The Deer Mountain Trail – Full Day – Ketchikan, Alaska, USA (Megan)

By far one of the most memorable hikes of my life. In the early morning there was some low cloud that day getting in the way of our view, but once the cloud cleared the views were spectacular. The scenery was so ridiculously beautiful that I did question whether it was real. I’m still questioning. Haven’t yet verified.

1. Corcovado National Park – 8 Days (with rest days) – Osa Peninsula, Costa Rica

This was hard. Super hard. It rained a lot. We had to cross rivers that contained crocodiles. Also the path got washed away and we got lost a few times. I wanted to use our emergency beacon to get rescued. We carried all of our supplies on our backs, I felt like I aged 15 years in a week. We probably drank about 6 litres of water per day. It was all made worth it with the monkeys, sloths, snakes, a green turtle laying eggs, a puma, white bats, scarlet macaws and tapirs! At night on the beach we would kick up sand and sea to let iridescent phytoplankton glow in the dark like stars. Unfortunately the Costa Rican government plans on building a highway to make the forest more accessible. Big rushes of tourism can have huge negative impacts on the environment, so hopefully it is all controlled and regulated. I travelled here in 2007, so a lot has probably changed since then!

Please note: Our favourites do change a lot, depending on mood. Or hunger. Or weather.

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