A few weeks ago, we were lucky enough to be able to partake in Project Campfire, a Digital Storytellers retreat, where we learnt about making an impact through film making.

Whilst we weren’t the most tech savvy of the group, we learnt quickly and managed to get a nice little clip made (with a lot of help from our mates, Pete and Tash). The best part was, we made heaps of new friends. Playing “would you rather” was a great insight to the twisted minds of those present and we all had a good laugh….or evil cackle rather.

Staying at Commonground was an absolute delight! We were treated to organic, freshly grown vegetables and fruit grown right on the property and the accommodation reminded us of being in a giant cubby house.

We’ll be practicing our new #skillz over the coming weeks and hopefully have some material for you to laugh at. Until then, we leave you with this gem:

“Would you rather have fingers for legs or legs for fingers?” – J.

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